• Welcome to My Studio!

    I am a multidisciplinary artist from Mexico City living and working in Windsor, Canada. I work in different media including photography, painting, sculpture, performance and video. I am a graduate from “Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana División de Ciencias y Artes para el Diseño” in Mexico City.

  • What I Can Do

    Art commissions in general.

    If you would like to commission an art piece, please send by e-mail your contact information and a brief description of the project. I will answer you back with a proposal package. This will include a quote and a proposed schedule.


    I like making portraits because is really about getting to know the person who you are portraying. Is all about Personality. This can be live paint or base on a picture.


    Illustrations are so fun to make. I love the process of researching, sketching and deliver the final product.


    I sculpt different pieces such as accessories, tributes, one of a kind dolls and figurines.

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    Ontario, Canada.

    Telephone:+1 416.624.3703
    E-mail: art@luiscisneros.com

  • My Work

    My paintings are mostly acrylic and my illustrations are in pencil colour. To sculpt, I use polymer clay and wire. My signature style consists of bright, bold colours, textures and layers to create artwork.

    In 2006, I exhibited for the first time in Toronto in the Artwherk! collective group exhibition and sold my first piece to Councillor Kyle Rae, who procured it for the city of Toronto. The piece remains as part of the city’s art collection. In 2009, I both exhibited original works and participated in an artist talk panel at the Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO) as part of the Artwherk! collective group exhibition.

    In 2013, I participated in an art group show called Help Rising Stars.

    As an illustrator, I have worked for various private clients and non-profit organizations such as Sherbourne Health Centre, Supporting Our Youth, Triangle Program, Ten Oaks Project and universities such as York University, Ryerson University and the University of Toronto.

    In 2015, my tribute to La Imagen de la Virgen de Guadalupe was selected to be part of Latin American Ilustración 4 Winners, an event by American Illustration - American Photography, Amilus Inc.

    Also, La Imagen de la Virgen de Guadalupe is a winning piece of "LOS DIEZ" Latin American Ilustración Collection, sponsored by EPSON. "LOS DIEZ" will be part of a Travel Exhibit that will start on November 5th, 2015, New York City at the ANGEL ORENSANZ FOUNDATION and will be presented in Colombia, Brazil and will end at Photoville Brooklyn, New York in 2016.

    In 2017, I participated in an art group show with my piece Luis Cisneros Portrait at Pride London Art Show part of Pride London Festival.

    My self portrait is a winning piece of London's Art Show achieving the Jurors' Choice Award.

    In 2017 I started the Visual Arts program in the University of Windsor.

  • My Art

    My inspiration comes from my experiences in life; from a simple memory of my childhood to something as extensive as Mexican culture. My work is influenced by my background as a designer. I like the process of studying a subject and immersing myself in the topic. Once I assimilate the knowledge, I create the artwork to give as a result my visual interpretation. I’m interested in creating and recreating things from my point of view hopefully giving it a new meaning.